What Can Wills4Less Services do for you?

Services that Wills4less Does for You

Many people realize the importance of having a will. However, a large percentage of people still do not have one. A will is a legal document that enables you to express your wishes on an individual or people you want to inherit your property, possessions, and money.

And when it comes to will-making , the team of specialist at Wills4less has a broad experience in drafting a whole array of wills including a single will for individuals, mirror wills, complex wills for those with complex financial circumstances and asset, wills consisting of trusts, and wills for blended families. Click here to see our FAQ!

Among the services that Wills4less offers include:

  • Lasting Power of Attorney

If you need to lose mental capacity, the lasting power of attorney (LPA) will help you in designating people to act on your behalf. You should have mental capacity and must be over 21 years old to make LPA. There are two types available:

Lasting Power of Attorney Property and Affairs where you give the attorney the right to financial property and financial matters.

Lasting Power of Attorney Health and Welfare where the attorney is given access to the donor’s accounts besides making decisions.

  • Probate

When we say probate, it refers to a document that is legally determined by any financial institution. The executor should make an application to the probate office once the will is available. If not, a close family member could apply to the probate registry for the grant of letters.

  • Storage

At Wills4less, storing your will is an absolute must. For just a small fee, we provide a storage solution that makes sure your document is kept protected and made quickly accessible once you need it.

  • Mortgages

Mortgages, life insurance, remortgages, content insurance, and secured loans are the services being offered by our highly dedicated and experienced mortgage consultants.

  • Equity Release

If you are over the age of 55, this benefit is right for you. Equity release refers to a variety of products that allow you to have access to the equity being tied up in your property. Lifetime mortgage and home reversion are the two equity release options.

  • Inheritance Tax

Maximizing inheritance tax exemptions and reliefs is just an added benefit from this service. Having it means having a concrete assurance that your inheritance tax liability is neither cut down nor nil.

  • Funeral Plans

It makes ideal sense to consider your funeral wishes when you have your own will too. A funeral plan guarantees that your wishes will be done and that the services of the funeral director will be paid off at no added fee to your family. Have Wills4less to arrange your funeral plan for further convenience and peace of mind – all according to your requirements and budget.

Wills4less is a team to trust!

At Wills4less, our members comprise of highly experienced attorneys who are especially eligible to assist and advice on with writing different forms of wills. We make the entire process easy.

Get reliable guidance, discuss your wishes, and create a legal will that is right for you and your circumstances with Wills4less!

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